Studio 33

offers embroidery and printing on textile products and parts cut and artistic decoration of clothes.

We need to put the corporate logo shape? Looking where to print themed shirts for promotions? Want to beautify exclusive embroidery dress?

Years of experience in textile finishing allows us to confidently say – we know about embroidery and print everything that is needed to perform various tasks. A team of experienced professionals, modern equipment and high-quality materials provide excellent results. Depending on your needs, we offer several types of application (embroidery, screen printing, direct digital printing), and combinations thereof. We can choose the best way of drawing your image allowing for the layout, fabric and your budget. Embroidery or printing on promotional products, T-shirts, overalls, etc. – a great way to build your corporate identity and make a brand recognizable.

We know that time – the greatest value, and treat with understanding the order “yesterday.”

Write to us or call. We will be happy to cooperate.